Who we are...

The Red Propellers are a group of designers, engineers, and Unmanned Aircraft enthusiasts dedicated to using their knowledge and experience in drone technology to provide global aid to people in crisis zones.

Their goal is to design Drone Systems specifically engineered for the challenges of humanitarian aid, optimized for payload capacity, range, simplicity and adaptability.

 Fleet Diagram 

Fleet Diagram 


Why it matters

While there have been efforts in the past to utilize unmanned aircraft for humanitarian work, few have had practical range or payload capacity. All have required large field-teams to operate far too few aircraft to bring practical benefit. At The Red Propellers, the core of our work philosophy is that the aid we can deliver must always be our top priority. Our systems are designed to reflect that and to provide the most aid possible above all other goals.

 The Red Propeller "Mule" drone.   

The Red Propeller "Mule" drone.


How it works

The Red Propeller systems are designed to operate in large fleets of 30-60 aircrafts, with the vast majority being inexpensive cargo aircrafts equipped with basic avionics and inexpensive short-range radios. The cargo fleet is guided by a couple of communications-hub aircrafts fitted with onboard arm computers and satellite uplinks. The hub aircrafts relay information from the satellite link to the cargo fleet over short-range radio, and vice versa. By implementing this step alone, the cost per fleet is nearly halved. This communication strategy complemented with other cost-saving measures allows for The Red Propellers to aim for one tenth of the production costs of competitive systems. 

Why Marin Made?

"Working with Marin Made allows us to access prototyping equipment and knowledge that vastly improve our ability to iterate and test new designs. Their space allows us to freely experiment with new concepts rapidly and precisely, using tooling we could never have afforded through standard channels. By working with Marin Made, we are able to be more productive, innovate faster, and start helping those who need it sooner and more effectively." - Joseph Dockstader, Founder/Chairman The Red Propellers