What we've got

Below you will find a general list of the tools and facilities we have and what they can do. 

(This page is not finished, a complete list is in the works)



The workhorse of the lab the water jet shoots a stream of water a thousandth of an inch wide at 87,000 psi- enough to blast through 14" of steel! Controlled by precise servos, this machine is great for precise complex cuts through any material and was also used to build most of the furniture we have. 

mill inside.jpg

Haas Vertical Cnc Mill

Our CNC milling machine is used for our most strong and complex parts. A distinct advantage over other equipment is its ability to move its cutting head in multiple directions. This allows the machine to cut or engrave complex shapes.

horizontal grinder.jpg

Bridgeport Series II

Our Bridgeport Series II is a classic. This is used for all manual milling and drilling applications. 







The Mark Two 

The Mark Two 3d printer combines unique continuous carbon fiber reinforcement with Nylon or Onyx plastic to produce beautiful parts. It is the only printer in the industry that enables you to go from CAD to beautiful, end-use strong parts in hours. This printer 3d adds a continuous stand of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar or Fiberglass throughout the parts which creates incredibly strong and useable parts.



Disc Grinder

We love our Beaumont Metalworks Disc grinder. This American made CNC milled grinder is accurate, powerful and perfect for any job you throw at it. 






DoAll Bandsaw

Our DoAll Bandsaw is a trusted American work horse. This bandsaw was actually used in Ford Motor Co factories before it came to Marin Made. This Bandsaw has a 36" Throat, Powerfeed table, variable speed drive and an automatic blade welder. 




Horizontal Belt Grinder

An American Made CNC milled belt grinder that is great for de burring and precision grinding  




Endless drawers of Tools and Hardware

Screw drivers, wrenches, striking tools, cutting tools, files, blades, measuring, routers, bits, saws, pliers and tons of hardware.