MADE Startup Residence Program

The MADE Startup Residence (MSR) is a launch pad that gives innovators the resources they need to bring ideas with a positive social or environmental impact to fruition. 



Why Should i Apply?

The MSR is free, takes no ownership of your intellectual property and gives you full access to our facilities and consultants.



Anyone with an idea that will make the world a better place.

What does this Program Include?

-Full access 8am-5pm Mon-Fri of Marin MADE Lab

-Support from Marin MADE staff on a wide range of subjects including engineering, design, mass production, CAD, CAM, legal advice, market research, etc.

-Office space

-Financial assistance for materials etc

-Use of our boat for marine testing



General Questions

If you have questions, please submit them through our contact page. Please note that all questions submitted through the email, will be stripped of all personal information and the responses could be published on the FAQ.