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What we specialize in

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If you had to some up what we do it would be "make stuff". Under the surface of that broad description is a myriad knowledge base of methods and techniques for precisely creating objects of function and beauty. We put our minds together on projects running the gamut from innovative photo gear to furniture and futuristic sailing ships. At the core of everything we take on is a goal that the objects we create will make the world a more delightful and synergetic place.

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Science and art have always been inextricably intertwined. At Marin MADE our goal in the arts is to take modern rapid prototyping methods and apply them to traditional fine art forms. Collaborations with prominent artists are leading this charge and will be followed by integration into school art curriculums to share this knowledge with the aspiring next generation. 

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We don't mean the beauty they are selling in shampoo commercials, we are talking about the beauty of a falcon dropping onto its prey with surgical precision or the beauty of a flower unfolding from its bud. We develop innovative designs that are harmonious with this beauty. Whether its a solution for an issue in a developing nation or a fix to a problem in our back yard we are a place that fosters creative design for a bright future. 

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Our learning programs are aimed at ambitious young adults that are passionate about making a difference. Leveraging the knowledge of the Marin Made team and the capabilities of our lab in collaboration with local educational institutions we develop a variety of courses to teach the next generation what they want to know. 

Marin Made uses the power of innovation  to improve lives, by inspiring and enabling the next generation of inventors and invention-based enterprises in order to create social and environmental change. Marin Made focuses on programs that inspire youth to become inventors, stimulate and provide invention and entrepreneurship education, and support the launch, earliest incubation and mentoring of invention-based enterprises. Through supporting inventors and invention-based enterprises, we are committed to the goals of solving both social and environmental issues around the world.