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Innovation Impact 

 Innovative Impact

We believe the products needed to solve the world’s biggest problems require careful, measured solutions. So rather than investing in invention for invention’s sake, Marin Made is focused on Inventing for Impact.


To have impact, the business model around the invention should strive to be financially self-sustaining. Ideas can have significant positive impact if they can be transformed into real products that reach real people. So if an invention cannot be taken to scale and brought to market in a way that is financially viable, and ultimately self-sustaining, there is little chance that it will be transformative. Businesses that make real products have real impact. They stimulate job growth, they spur investment, and that in turn helps drive the economic engines needed to alleviate poverty, transform lives, and keep nations strong.

Marin Made strives to both imagine and create the new technologies that make the future more peaceful and prosperous than the past. New technologies tend to come from new ventures- startups and that is why Marin Made is dedicated to investing in innovative startups focused on inventing for impact.

The inventions that Marin Made incubates should have positive social impact and/or be  environmentally beneficial . Marin Made is committed to supporting inventions that solve important  problems and address pressing community or environmental needs in ways that are additive and useful—problems worth solving.


Given the daunting challenges we are confronting worldwide, Marin Made supports an invention ecosystem focused on problems that are worth solving—and not simply problems that can be solved. We recognize the need for a strong supportive invention ecosystem to make this happen. We seek to inspire inventors to know they can make a difference.

Invention Incubation gives innovators  access to our modern invention tools and resources to develop technology products that address environmental and social challenges. Over an agreed upon time frame, innovators and Marin Made work together to co-develop a solution that creates real impact. Marin Made will grant inventors full access to all of the machinery in The Lab and their technical gurus to support them through the invention process.    


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