Equipped with cutting edge prototyping tools and machinery, Marin Made facilitates the process of making dreams into reality. Working in collaboration with thinkers around the world Marin Made’s team of product designers and engineers catalyse the creation of a wide range of products from mechanical innovations to fine art. Whether it’s a solution for an issue in a developing nation or a fix to a problem in our backyard we are a place that fosters creative design for a bright future.

Marin Made uses the power of innovation  to improve lives, by inspiring and enabling the next generation of inventors and invention-based enterprises in order to create social and environmental change. Marin Made focuses on programs that inspire youth to become inventors, stimulate and provide invention and entrepreneurship education, and support the launch, earliest incubation and mentoring of invention-based enterprises. Through supporting inventors and invention-based enterprises, we are committed to the goals of solving both social and environmental issues around the world.

Marin Made strives to both imagine and create the new technologies that make the future more peaceful and prosperous than the past. New technologies tend to come from new ventures- startups and that is why Marin Made is dedicated to investing in innovative startups focused on inventing for impact.

Current Projects

the Modern Fishing Plunger

Fishing devices that will eliminate the use of toxic lead weights.


Life Jacket Launcher 

A tool that will save people by launching life jackets up to 200 yards.


Solar water Purifier and Desalinator

This economical Solar Still is able to desalinate over 4L of water a day.


Technological Innovations for Retrieval of Lost Crab Pots

Our innovations for efficiently retrieving crab pots will clean up coastlines from these hazards.

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